About me

Sarah Lane Homeopathy OxfordSarah Lane, MAHons, RSHom, DSH.
Classical and Sensations Method Homeopath

I am a Classical Homeopath with nine years experience, having trained for five years with The School of Homeopathy in Devon. I am a registered member of The Society of Homeopaths, and have PSA (Professional Standards Authority) accreditation.

I am passionate about homeopathy. I feel that it is a deeply healing modality that can help transform people’s lives. I am dedicated to helping my patients on their healing journey to better health.

My approach

Being a Classical Homeopath means that I look for a single remedy that covers your presenting complaint, as well as how you are feeling in general  – physically and emotionally.

Homeopathy is a holistic medicine that treats the person as a whole, rather than treating specific conditions in isolation and usually with one single remedy.

Patients have come to me for help with a wide range of conditions, both acute and chronic, from anxiety and depression, to allergies and hayfever, childhood ailments, menstrual problems and skin conditions, amongst many others.  I have a special interest in helping patients with mental and emotional health problems.

A successful homeopathic treatment aims not only for relief from symptoms, but also for a greatly increased sense of well‐being in the patient. By treating the whole of the patient, and not just the individual symptoms, a deeper level of healing can take place.

Qualifications and experience

Having graduated from Edinburgh University with an MA in English Literature, I then qualified as an Aromatherapist, training at ITHMA at Regents College in London.

I went on to study Classical Homeopathy with Misha Norland at The School of Homeopathy in Devon – the UK’s oldest, and one of the most respected, colleges of homeopathy. I graduated in 2008 with a Diploma in Homeopathy, which enabled me to become a full member of The Society of Homeopaths.

I have nine years experience practising as a Classical and Sensations Method Homeopath.  I am currently in the second year of a three year MSc in Integrated Healthcare and am also a member of the Society of Homeopath’s Research Committee.

Alongside my practice, I have also worked at Helios Homeopathic Pharmacy in Covent Garden in London, prescribing for patients over the phone and in the Pharmacy shop, as well as dispensing homeopathic remedies.

Why I decided to be a homeopath

My personal journey with homeopathy began 16 years ago, when I was very ill with glandular fever.

Conventional medicine just told me to rest, other therapies helped me to live with the condition, but not to recover.

I turned to homeopathy on the recommendation of a friend, knowing nothing about it and having little expectation of it helping. In brief, I was amazed at the effect of the single remedy my homeopath gave me.

With her help and occasional repeating of the remedy, I was able to recover from the debilitating exhaustion of glandular fever and get my life back again.

Having had first hand experience of how powerful and deeply transformative homeopathy can be, I felt compelled to study homeopathy myself. I aim to help others recover from illness and to experience health and wellbeing in their lives once more.