Homeopathy for you

oxford homeopathHow I can help you

Patients have come to me for help with a wide range of conditions, both acute and chronic, from anxiety and depression, to allergies and hayfever, childhood ailments, menstrual problems and skin conditions, amongst many others.  I have a special interest in treating patients with mental and emotional health problems.

A successful homeopathic treatment aims not only for relief from symptoms, but also for a greatly increased sense of well-being.

What is homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a system of natural health care that has been in worldwide use for over 200 years. Homeopathy treats each person as a unique individual, with the aim of stimulating their own healing ability.

As your homeopath, I aim to select the most appropriate remedy for you, based on your individual and specific symptoms and your personal level of health.

What is a homeopathic remedy?

Homeopathic remedies are made from natural sources, predominantly from animals, minerals and plants. We have over 3,000 remedies available for us to choose from. Remedies are made in regulated pharmacies, where the original source substance is diluted and succussed and then used to medicate small, sugar pills or added to alcohol to be taken in drop form.

How does homeopathy work?

Like cures like

In homeopathy, we use the idea that ‘like cures like’.

For example, if we chop up an onion, our eyes start to sting and water. If we have hay fever with these specific symptoms, a good homeopathic remedy to take is Allium Cepa – the Latin name for Onion.

If we eat the berries of the deadly nightshade plant (Latin name – Belladonna), we will suffer from strong headaches and very high fevers, with glazed, glassy eyes. If a patient has these symptoms, we prescribe Belladonna as a homeopathic remedy. The response can be amazingly fast!

By matching the symptoms of the original material substance to symptoms of the patient, we are able to stimulate the body’s own innate healing mechanism.

Minimum dose

In homeopathy, less is definitely more! With conventional medicine, we often have to take more and more of a drug to maintain its effect, perhaps in stronger and stronger doses.

With homeopathy, the aim is to match the homeopathic remedy to the patient’s state and then wait and assess. The action of a single remedy may last for weeks or even months before it needs to be repeated.

Successful homeopathy is not just about the administering of the correct remedy, but also about the skilled review and management of the case.

Who sees a homeopath?

Patients come from all walks of life and backgrounds and they come to homeopathy for many different reasons.

Many come on the recommendation of friends or colleagues that have used homeopathy with great results. Some may be curious to try out a different, holistic approach to their complaint, especially if they are unable to gain relief through conventional drugs.

Many patients come because they are sensitive to drugs, suffer severe side effects and are seeking out a gentler form of treatment.

Homeopathy is great for all ages. Babies and children often respond very quickly to homeopathic treatment. Homeopathy is also extremely useful during pregnancy, when conventional medicine is often restricted.

Why see me?

I have a heartfelt philosophy to my practice. I aim to provide a safe and supportive environment for you to explore your health concerns. My style of homeopathy is deep and the results are deep acting.

I aim to understand on the deepest level how your experience is for you, in order to find the closest match to a remedy that can transform your health.

As homeopaths, we treat all conditions, rather than specialising in specific areas. Alongside treating a wide range of conditions, I have a special interest in treating patients, both adults and children, with mental and emotional health problems.

As we become more hectic and busy and time gets more stretched, many of us struggle to maintain a sense of equilibrium. Homeopathy can gently help regain a more balanced state of emotional health.

What can homeopathy treat?

As homeopaths, we are not trained to give you a medical diagnosis for your condition. I encourage my patients to maintain a positive relationship with their GP and other healthcare providers, as homeopathy can be a fantastic complement to conventional treatments, as well a positive alternative for those seeking a different way to achieving and maintaining good health.

Homeopathy is great for first aid treatments of acutes, such as coughs, colds, stings etc, and constitutional homeopathic treatment is very effective in treating conditions that have become long term and chronic, for example, recurring infections, allergies, migraines and eczema.

As homoeopathy treats the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical levels, patients seek the help of homeopathy with a wide range of diagnosis. The aim in homeopathy is for the patient to attain optimum health of mind, body and spirit.

Homeopathy and conventional medicine

I encourage you to maintain your relationship with your GP and other health care professionals.

It is safe to take homeopathy alongside conventional drugs and it will not interfere with the action of any medicine prescribed by your doctor.

Treatment options are always led by you and I will support your healthcare decisions.

Health Insurance to fund your treatment

Many private health insurance companies now cover homeopathic treatment, either by self-referral, or by GP referral.

As a registered member of the Society of Homeopaths, I am on the government approved PSA (Professional Standards Authority) accredited register, which means that your GP can refer you to me.

The following list of Private Medical Insurance Companies all cover homeopathy and recognise Registered members.

Please check individual policies with the provider.

Company name Contact tel no Details
Aviva 0800 015 1013 No GP referral required
BCWA 0800 294 7302 GP referral required
Benenden Cash Plan 0207 202 1390 No GP referral
Cash for Health 08457990099 No GP referral
Cigna UK 01475 492187 Specialist referral
Civil Service Healthcare 0208 410 0440 GP referral required
Clinicare 01462 688100 GP referral may vary
Exeter Friendly Society 08080 556575 No GP referral
Freedom for Health 08703 504030 GP referral required
Healthshield Friendly Society Ltd 01270 588555 No GP referral
Healthsure 0800 1 696989 No GP referral
Hospital Saturday 01204 522775 GP referral required
HSF 0207 928 6662 No GP referral
IFL Signature 0800 316 1242 GP referral required
Medicash 0800 011 2222 No GP referral
National  Friendly Society 0117 973 9003 GP referral required
Paycare 01902 371000 No GP referral
Cardif Pinnacle 0208 207 9100 No GP referral
Simply Health 08702 425454 No GP referral
Sovereign Health Care 01274 841130 No GP referral
Vitality Health 0845 279 8877 GP referral required
Universal Provident Ltd 08448 730902 GP referral required
Westfield Health 0114 250 2000 GP referral required