“Sarah is a highly professional homeopath who really gets to the route cause of the problem.  It’s not only the one-to-one consultations that I have found hugely useful, but also Sarah’s ongoing support and advice when it is most needed.  I have experienced significant improvements in my overall well being and, for the first time this winter, experienced no illness at all – which is a first!  I attribute this to Sarah’s excellent work. Sarah is now a vital component of my overall health strategy and I would have total confidence in recommending her, especially if you have a demanding, high pressure job and want to remain productive and healthy.” M.M., Oxford.

“My 14 year old son suffered from frequent bedwetting. After Sarah prescribed the first remedy the frequency reduced dramatically and, after subsequent doses, has almost resolved.  Sarah was able to discuss this sensitive subject with my son, in a way which was matter of fact and dispensed with any elements of shame or embarrassment.  This issue is the source of great difficulty for him and witnessing such an enormous improvement has been wonderful.” H.H., Oxford.

“Sarah has been instrumental in helping my family achieve a positive solution to a challenging situation. Sarah always presented a professional approach.  I felt listened to, understood and ultimately supported as she worked to successfully reach fantastic results. The homeopathy treatment was gentle, effective and powerful.  Sarah was wonderful and I would recommend her fabulous service without hesitation.” E.S., Bicester.

“Sarah creates a wonderfully relaxing atmosphere. I felt comfortable to open up and the best thing was that she was an amazing facilitator at helping me explore my own thoughts, feelings and experiences. Sarah has the experience to bring out information in a very caring way and she helped uncover stuff that had been in there for so long, but that I hadn’t been able to vocalize before.  On top of all that, taking the remedy totally addressed the headaches and significantly reduced the rheumatism in my hands, which is what took me to her in the first place.”  E.B., Oxford.

“As a woman approaching 50 with a variety of common chronic conditions associated with obesity, I have found Sarah’s gentle, but searching, approach has brought great benefit.  Homeopathy operates on many layers and Sarah’s ability to identify with precision the right remedy for me has moved both my physical symptoms and mental resilience in a positive direction. I am very optimistic about this transitional time, as I journey through menopause; that I am moving towards a peaceful and powerful time in my life with Sarah’s support.”  H.H., Oxford.

“I went to see Sarah for a behavioural issue with my 3 year old boy. He was having a hard time with bad dreams and I had run out of ideas as to how to help him. Sarah was brilliant in pin pointing the main issues during our conversation, both with me and with my child later on. Her compassion and listening skills made us both feel very at ease. She was spot on and after just one dose of the remedy, my boy shifted quickly back to being himself again and was also calm and more confident.  Even the teachers at nursery commented on how different he was and how he was flourishing, just 2 weeks after taking the remedy.  Sarah is a very skilled practitioner, who I recommend often to friends.” I.C., Oxford.